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Nazareth Classic

As a delicious snack, on your sandwich, with your pasta or melted on toast: you can always find a moment in the day for some quality time with this versatile classic. With its delicious full-bodied taste, quality texture and handy format, this superb Belgian cheese keeps you coming back for more. Its nutty hints make it stand out from the crowd! And kids love its sweet accents. Grated or melted, its intense character will give an extra kick to your favourite meals. 

If anyone understands that pleasure means taking one's time, it's our cheese masters. That's why Nazareth is matured slowly. This specialist care results in a subtle and character-filled aroma which is held together within its dark brown rind.
But there's still so much more to find out about this cheese. You should simply eat some! Let yourself be seduced by this full-bodied Casanova as an appetizer, a scrumptious snack, with an exquisite pasta dish, or simply melted. Our golden classic with holes is available in slices, cubes, or in a freshly-cut wedge. Enjoy, grate and melt away with our recipes!