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For professionals

Nazareth cheeses are extremely versatile. Thanks to their unique taste and nutty hints, they will give an extra kick to your meals when grated or melted in. Their quality texture also makes them particularly suited to melting, grilling and baking. Our rind-less cheeses in a handy bar format have been specially produced for the horeca sector. That way you can still enjoy optimum convenience and save storage space at the same time. 

Our cheeses are the secret ingredient to give your panini, fondue, pasta or sauce an intense character and wonderful texture. Additionally, children love the sweet accents of the cheeses. And thanks to Nazareth Light, you can offer an alternative for calorie-conscious people who still want to enjoy delicious cheese.

Authentic craftsmanship and modern techniques are combined to produce our Nazareth cheeses. This is how we can always ensure the very best quality in the areas of hygiene, consistent supply, and consistent taste. And in the handy block formats of Nazareth Classic and Nazareth Light, the rind is softer and easier to cut through. That way, the cheese close to the rind dries out a lot less, so you can produce a lot more slices. 

Choosing Nazareth therefore means choosing a versatile and authentic product with a kick. And that is just what your customers enjoy tasting!