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Nazareth Light

Cheese lovers can now choose the lighter option. Thanks to Nazareth Light, calorie-conscious food lovers can also enjoy authentic cheese pleasure. This unique light cheese provides the same taste sensation as Nazareth Classic, but with less fat and salt. 

The production process uses semi-skimmed milk sourced from local family farms. Our cheese master then gets stuck in with the same enthusiasm to work the characteristic nutty taste and full temperament of Nazareth Classic into this lighter version. His precise preparation method gives the hole-filled cheese a soft taste with a full body. The result is a pure taste sensation but with only 16% fat.

A real treat for everyone who wants to enjoy food but keep an eye on fat levels. The kids also love its sweet accents. Thanks to its quality texture, Nazareth Light is ideal for melting, grilling and baking. Our cheese master is especially proud, as Nazareth Light is ready to become a new classic itself!

You can recognise it by its chequered blue label, and its natural taste. Enough reading now, it's time to try some - as a delicious sandwich filling, appetizer, or in one of our recipes. Enjoy!